Sunday, May 19, 2013

Carmi Rockwell, the Illusionist

Carmi Rockwell, the Illusionist 

We've all been waiting with bated breath for updates on the "we're not a rescue" Banner's Safe Retreat.   Carmi Rockwell, the self proclaimed rescuer that does NOT have a 501(c)3 would like for all of you to believe that she is the most fantabulous person on earth and that she works so hard.  Well, she does work hard..... at begging for money and creating scenario's that later turn out to be untrue.  

Her latest venture would be the "renovations" of Banner's Safe Retreat.   We're gonna take you through a time line of her own comments regarding the property she has dubbed a sanctuary, although she herself has proclaimed that she is not a rescue.  

It is very important that you to follow the dates.   And remember that she has NEVER posted a photograph of any construction going on, even though many, many people have asked her for photos.  

May 2012- She comes up with a great idea 
to solve her housing problem since she 
didn't have a home of her own.

Ten dog limit?  Please explain why she now has 22 dogs
So, she and the dogs were moving in Oct, right?  
Then why does she talk about moving again in March?

 Thought they had already moved in back in Oct? 

WAIT... hold the phone.  I thought she said she had done
all the drywall and painting in March.   NOW she claims to 
be pulling out the wiring in the wall?  
Does this make sense to anyone?  

What I find interesting is that she responded to this blog on her page and her response is complete bullshit and I'll show you why......  
So, she said "once inspectors came, they found chewed up wire" ....... REALLY?  Then how come on the listing it said that the property was uninsured because of ELECTRICAL and plumbing damage? 

 She knew about these problems in advance, not after she installed new drywall.  So, either she was trying to pull a fast one or she's been lying the entire time.  Which is it?  

As a taxpayer, I get annoyed when someone draws SS disability and are too disabled to hold a job, yet are able bodied enough to renovate a dble wide trailer (by herself, according to her), improve a piece of property and care for 20+ dogs on other peoples dime.  Free-loading is something I find unethical and so should you. 

The info is there for you to decide for yourself.  I find it very curious that she has removed ALL of her posts  regarding the progress of the renovation work she claimed to have completed from the Banner's Safe Retreat page. However, she did forget about her own personal page.