Friday, September 27, 2013

Danielle Vigil - DNA/DNR



Cause of death- Kennel Cough
This makes the 3rd dog in just a couple months that has died in her care. 

Danielle has a history too.  She's been arrested and found guilty Aug 2010 on CA Penal Code 597.1(a) of Animal Neglect.  

She had around 20 Pit Bulls removed by animal control from an abandoned lot where she kept 
the dogs.  

Danielle claims to have 501(3)c pending, but she's not even registered with the state as a non profit.  
She's using the name "A Safe Haven" 

She has a "FOR PROFIT" business called 
"I'm a Keeper"

What concerns me is the number of animals she has listed on Petfinders.

Where are all these dogs now and why are people still giving her dogs when she has so many listed already?

Friday, September 6, 2013

Milena: " Please Don't Kill Me "

This article was written in loving memory of Brynn/Sophie. A dog that died leaving 7 puppies because a rescuer did not have her vetted properly.Even though Brynn/Sopie was pulled for someone else, this does not excuse the rescuer of her responsibility to make sure procedures are followed.

Milena pulled or had pulled for her 3 dogs:
Josie, Sophie/Brynn and Marcie from San Bernardino shelter in California..

On this post of Brynn/Sophie, her having kennel cough or a cold was not mentioned.
This post was from July 12th

Brynn/Sophie and her 7  1 day old pups were pulled for a lady named Alese in Massachusetts. Alese wanted Brynn/Sophie sent to Massachusetts as pregnant as she was. Milena was in agreement but the pups were born. So plans changed
Brynn/Sophie must of had her pups on July 12th as they were with her when she was pulled on the 13th.
She had pledges but not like Josie. They had no plan for Brynn/Sophie and pups prior to being sent to Alese.  A woman in Utah, who was going to foster, drove all the way to the shelter in San Bernardino, Ca. Her dog didn't get along with Brynn/Sophie, so she went home.
They had decided to send Byrnn/Sophie with newborn pups to Aprils for only 4 hours on July 13th after she was pulled. On July 13th a temporary foster was found for a week but something went awry and she had to stay at Aprils.
April was only supposed to keep Brynn/Sophie for 4 hours til she went to foster
Milena saying babies are home. 

Is cardboard the best they could do for this girl and her babies?

April was to be a temporary foster. She already fostering Josie who was sick.
Josie at vet was diagnosed with pneumonia

April was a inexperienced foster for dogs with kennel cough/pneumonia.
It was said that Brynn/Sophie had a cold but was going out and eating. She was not as sick as Josie.
April lives in 3 rooms/800 sg ft home. There is no way that germs were not spread. Even if Brynn/Sophie didn't pick up germs she got sicker. There was no mention of sickness on her thread until July 18th. 5 days after she was pulled.
Too weak to clean her babies. Did this happen overnight?

She would not eat, was incontinent, breathing very labored.
On the 17th Brynn hadn't eaten in 24 hours and was incontinent The 18th Milena says there is no money for vet
She did end up going to the vet on the 18th. However, sources say Brynn/Sophie was not seen by a vet but rather a vet tech. She was given antibiotics and sent back home. No xrays or bloodwork was done like with Josie because it seems Milena did not want to put out any money. She had already put out funds to vet HER foster Josie for a full workup.

2 days later she wasn't eating still and was becoming deathly sick she was taken back to the vet. She was given several shots of antibiotics and maybe a vit. B shot and sent back home. She was not treated properly. She did not get the same vet care as Josie did.  Josie was given a full work up, including xrays, blood work on her second visit.  Brynn/Sophie should of received the same care as Josie. It was stated on thread that Brynn/Sophie did receive the same care.
Brynn/Sophie and Josie went to the same vet. They received the same treatment

This is not true.  

Brynn/Sophie did not have xrays or blood work done. Considering it was stated that Brynn/Sophie was sick/pregnant when she left the shelter, was sicker than on first visit, xrays and blood work should of been done as they were with Josie She was a mother. Her pups needed her!

Josie having xray for kennel cough/pneumonia on 2nd visit

Milena was the backing/pulling rescue.
Milena pulled Brynn/Sophie and was responsible for all vet care 
She should have had her vetted properly, but didn't. April was able to get some baby food by syringe into Sophie. This could not have been of any substantial nutritional value.
Milena can not be this stupid. She has been rescuing dogs for how many years? Hmmmmm.......

Instead of taking Brynn/Sophie to the vet certain people decided to play veterinarians. A shopping list was made:

List of over the counter stuff needed

Were any of these women professionally trained for this kind of care?  Milena's transporter Linda Stone was sent to April's to give Subc fluids to Sophie. They tried steak, tuna and chicken to tempt her, but she would not eat. She was given home remedies which included pedialyte and Robitussin DM. No one consulted with the vet.
Brynn/Sophie hasn't eaten in almost 48 hours. The rescue okays the fact that she is given human medications

Robitussin is not to be used in treating pneumonia

A registered nurse asks who the idiot was that gave the dog Robitussin

A veterinarian was called by me, to ask if Robitussin DM could be used on a dog with pneumonia. The answer was  no. Especially not if she was nursing as it would harm the puppies.

A person playing veterinarian made a judgement call that was wrong:
Linda states that Sophie did not need to go to the vet that night. She died approximately 6  hours later

Brynn/Sophie was not stable. She couldn't even stand up. Milena says there were no funds to take her to the vet. Someone had to tell Milena to get Brynn/Sophie to the vet, to raise funds and that Brynn/Sophie should of gone a long time ago as pneumonia could not be treated at home.
No funds for vet. Pneumonia can not be treated at home. Sophie could not stand up.
Amy had to tell Milena to take her to the vet. What kind of rescuing is this?

Sophie was not given the vetting/care that she was entitled.. She was not cared for like Josie. The inexperienced foster April, states she told them over and over that Sophie was not eating and was sick. She and Milena were talking on the phone. She said she should have pushed more to have Sophie go to the vet again.
Milena was in charge and should have done it without people telling her to get Brynn/Sophie to the vet. She has been doing this long enough to know the difference. Milena was the backing/pulling rescue and was responsible for this dog, no matter the circumstances as stated here for another dog:
Was there an application filled out for Brynn/Sophie? Will there be one after this posting? Will it be back dated?

By playing veterinarian it is my belief that these women all contributed to Brynn/Sophies death. They were not qualified/trained to diagnose/treat Brynn/Sophie. This poor mother of 7 died an agonizing, slow death at the hands of so called animal rescuers.

Chars comment on the thread was spot on:

 Alese stated that she would foot the bill yet was constantly asking for people to honor their pledges. While I believe that people should not offer money if they are not willing to pay up, the point is that rescuers should not count on pledges made. Life happens. Sometimes animals are sicker than they appear to be. Whether pledges are paid or not is besides the point. Rescuers should be prepared to pay out more than anticipated. Vetting is a never ending expense.

Alese stated that she made $60. an hour and that she would foot the bill.

April had asked Milena if a milky like nasal discharge from the puppies was a bad sign. Milena, advised to look for a brown discharge. 3 of the pups had pneumonia when Shelly ( the CBC foster ) received them.
Alese thought she could cover the vet bills. She hadn't planned on/thought about the puppies getting sick. This family cost her more than she had anticipated.

One of Brynn/Sophies pups had died at the time of this posting

Debbie was correct!
Lack of money seemed to be the theme:

It was said that Milena was not a rescue
WRONG!!!  Milena IS and has a rescue

Milena was the backing rescue for these dogs and is ultimately responsible for ALL their vetting/care and final outcome. She is a 501and IS a rescue which fosters/places and adopts out animals.

Milena pulled Brynn/Sophie
Milena pulled Josie a lactating throw away mom for herself. She had over $1000 pledged to Josie,  Josie was vetted first visit including being tested for parvo. She had blood in her stool. Second visit she had chest x-rays, blood work up and was diagnosed with having a bad strain of Pneumonia.  She was treated and seemed to be getting well.

Milena saying Josie escaped death but Marcie is critical

Marcie was sent to Canada.  Marcie was very pregnant and sick. I was told that she did not get treated before she was transported. She had pneumonia by the time she got to British Columbia. How did this dog receive a health certificate to travel? What vet in their right mind would issue a health certificate to a sick dog? Marcie, who was in the vets for 2 weeks has survived, but 2 of her pups did not.

Posted July 13th, Marcie is Canadian

It doesn't matter how many dogs this rescuer has " saved ", passed off to others, adopted out. Brynn/Sophie moms deserved so much more than she received. Her pups deserved to have their mom feed and care for them. Someone decided to withhold money and others played veterinarian and it helped to cost Brynn/Sophie her life.  So we have 1 out of 3 grown females that died because of incompetence. Does her life mean anything?   Who is to be held accountable for the lack of vetting/care that this dog was entitled? Her pups will never know her life because of human asininity. There were 4 puppies lost. Do their lives mean anything?
Has anyone yet to see an apology? How about someone owning the mistakes that were made?

After all the suffering that Brynn/Sophie went through, in her final hours she was allowed to go to the emergency vet. Why Milena did not offer to pay it before is the question of the day. How this poor momma of seven must of suffered. To think that rescuers, people committed to ensure the safety and well being of animals could put a beautiful soul through all of this is truly sickening. This was not a mistake. This was someone in my opinion, that wanted to hold onto their money.

A responsible statement:

It has been said after these tragedies that Milena has been banned from pulling from San Bernardino.

It makes me wonder who will pull for her? Who will be held responsible if something were to happen?

Are you willing to put your name/your rescues name at risk? How many more Brynn/Sophies are there to be before people wake up?

I agree with what Lisa says below in the following comment:

Brynns Facebook thread:

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