Friday, September 27, 2013

Danielle Vigil - DNA/DNR



Cause of death- Kennel Cough
This makes the 3rd dog in just a couple months that has died in her care. 

Danielle has a history too.  She's been arrested and found guilty Aug 2010 on CA Penal Code 597.1(a) of Animal Neglect.  

She had around 20 Pit Bulls removed by animal control from an abandoned lot where she kept 
the dogs.  

Danielle claims to have 501(3)c pending, but she's not even registered with the state as a non profit.  
She's using the name "A Safe Haven" 

She has a "FOR PROFIT" business called 
"I'm a Keeper"

What concerns me is the number of animals she has listed on Petfinders.

Where are all these dogs now and why are people still giving her dogs when she has so many listed already?


  1. She needs to be euthanized and not necessarily humanely!

  2. U need to chexk ur facts. N this lie of a site will be shut down soon and charges will be pushed

  3. 3 dogs, wth? That was a beautiful Great Dane. Something needs to happen.