Thursday, October 17, 2013

Rescues Disregard Cost Bugsy Weight

Rescues inability to recognize the right way to rescue is affecting dogs lives.

Here we have Bugsy

Pulled from Orange county, California shelter in August
Seemingly friendly in his pull video yet labeled aggressive by the shelter.

Bugsy with the trainer on August 22nd
Does he seem aggressive?

The pulling rescue placed all blame of weight loss on the trainer. Making it sound like they had starved him. I highly doubt a trainer with over 30 years of experience would risk their reputation by starving a sick, troubled dog.

Someone talked with the trainer and was told that Bugsy was ill when sent there. He was friendly and receptive to training the first two weeks, learning basic commands, etc. Even with medication, his kennel cough worsened, he refused to eat and was growing more aggressive.

According to the trainer, at this point a man named Tony of the receiving rescue, was called daily and asked to pick Bugsy up. Tony's reply was that Bugsy was too dangerous for anyone to foster and that they had no where for him to go. Tony was told that Bugsy was at a critical stage in his training, that although he was still friendly, he was getting stressed in his kennel and that it would be easy for Bugsy to turn aggressive. Tony did not send anyone to pick up Bugsy.

Bugsy, now sicker, wasn't eating and was becoming more aggressive to training personnel, to the point of attacking the trainer when he entered the kennel to feed him.  Personnel had to wear a bite suit to continue to enter Bugsys kennel to feed and clean up after him. It was at this point the trainer notified Tony that Bugsy was to be put down if no one came to get him.

The update was September 11th. Obviously no one had checked on Bugsy in the month of September or they would of seen that he was sick, not eating as the trainer stated, and that he was losing weight.

Arrangements finally made, Bugsy was taken to be vetted and neutered on September. 14th. Almost a month after being pulled from the shelter. Should this not have been one of the first things to be done before sending him to trainers?

Bugsy was then sent to a different trainer.

Had Bugsy of been properly checked out at a vet they might of learned that he was deaf instead of finding out a month later. Had Bugsy been neutered before going to the trainer, maybe his demeanor would of been different? Had the pulling rescue/rescuer been involved in Bugsys training or at least checked on him occasionally, maybe this rescuer would not of had to " almost drop dead " when she saw him after 3 weeks.

It is my hope that the pulling rescue thoroughly checked the new trainer out. That they will do the responsible thing this time around and check on Bugsy. That they will be involved with his training instead of ignoring him while others are pulled.

The rescue Bugsy was pulled for is not in California. This is part of the problem for an out of state rescue. It is next to impossible for the receiving rescue to know the trainers, boarding kennels, fosters, vets, to which their dogs are being sent, are acceptable and/or reputable.  The puller/pulling rescue should be held responsible for the dogs welfare until the dog has been delivered to the receiving rescue.Such is the case for Bugsy. It is my hope that the pulling rescue is to be held accountable for the pain that they are causing certain dogs by their negligence, that the receiving rescue learn from the part they played in Bugsys rescue.

In my opinion, pulling a dog from a shelter only to place in boarding with limited visitation or to leave for weeks at a trainers with no participation, while pulling other animals, does not constitute rescue.

Rescue is not supposed to be about the quantity pulled but rather the quality of life given.

I pray that all rescuers that give a damn about any animals welfare will do their due diligence for any animals pulled from the shelters or found anywhere else.

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  1. For the life of me, this effort to save dangerous, sick, deaf animals when there are healthy prospects running about in your neighborhood that need a home.

  2. There's about a million Pit bulls/Staffies put down each year,and I`m sure most have better temperaments and better health then him,why not put the time and money towards those instead? Perhaps because they just don't make as good as poster child?