Friday, October 25, 2013

More Controversy For Cat Rangers

Seems like unsavory rescue never ends.

Cat Rangers has been accused in the past of not using funds collected for the purpose that they were intended. Sending sick, unvetted cats/kittens to fosters/adopters. Transporting across state lines without health certificates or the proper paperwork.

Now it seems that Cat rangers has been soliciting funds for 6 kittens that are no longer with us.

When first asked if Cat Rangers could help this family, the answer was

Cat Rangers posted out about the family, stating that rescue was interested in them. They stated that the kittens were born on October 10th and that Cat Rangers had rescue, transport arranged and would vet, if they could raise funds.

Was this because Linda had offered to foster even though she had a full house?

The adopt a pet posting for this family states that the family would be available on the 13th of October. An update followed, stating that kittens had died on October 20th.

What kind of a rescue asks for funds for kittens that have passed? If they were unaware, why not check with the shelter or adopt a pet before posting? The shelter in in Georgia. Cat Rangers is approximately 70 - 90 miles from the shelter. A phone call could and should of been made, before asking for donations to their paypal on their website.

October 23rd a comment was made on Cat Rangers thread about mama and kittens. A woman posted that she had spoken to Sparrow on October 23rd and was told mama and kittens were safe. .

The foster was also under the impression the family ( mama and kittens ) were safe.

Yet Friday, the foster for the family wanted to know where mama was.

People were asked to donate to Cat Rangers paypal or on the Cat Rangers website.
Cat Rangers posted their paypal address on October 22nd.

Others asking people to donate on Cat Rangers website

After the safe posting people were relieved. Thanking Cat Rangers for saving the family. People were under the impression that mama and kittens were safely out of the shelter. Cat Rangers never posted on their thread that the kittens had died or that mama was still in the shelter. Sparrow knew on October 23rd that the kittens had died.

Unfortunately for mama, safe does not mean out of the shelter.

On Thursday night, Lisa, after paying $100. on Wednesday, assuming mama had been pulled, asked Cat Rangers where mama was. No response was given on the thread.

Around 10pm Thursday night a comment was posted on Cat Rangers thread about them soliciting funds for kittens that had died. It also asked if mama had been picked up from the shelter. No response was given as of 6:00pm on Friday to the questions asked.

According to another comment made Friday, October 25th at 2:15 pm, mama was still in the shelter. We called to verify the comment. Mama was definitely still in the shelter on Friday, October 25th at 2:30pm..

Designed to pull at heartstrings, please make sure you are really donating to what people are asking of you. Call the shelters. Do your homework before donating to any animals thread.

Urgent Floyd cats thread for mama and kittens

Cat Ranger thread for mama and kittens

Adopt a pet link for mama and kittens


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1 comment:

  1. Seems a tragic misuse of public goodwill and trust.

    Pay attention folks to where and who you donate to and stop being taken for a ride time after time.
    Getting kinda embarrassed for these repeat offenders as to how many times they fall for this stuff.
    If you donate, do so to a rescue you can personally visit and see the cats or dogs is the only way to not be taken for a ride and to actually help animals.
    Stop sending money down toilets that could be used to actually save cats and dogs.You can't keep throwing good money after bad and hope it will make it good.

    Why couldn't they announce on 10/23 that the kittens were gone and offer to refund donors money?
    Why would the woman say she talked to the rescue and they told her the family was safe? The kittens were dead.

    Who asks for donations to be actually paid for cats or dogs still in an animal control? That isn't a safe place, anything could happen, especially when you allow them to sit there for days.
    That is always a warning sign.

    Why would someone who lives in Alabama be fostering for a rescue in Buford, Georgia anyway? How can animals be adopted from that distance?
    Use your head because that is another warning sign.

    Wish it wasn't the only time they have solicited money and failed to state that the cats were either dead or rescued by someone else or sent out a plea "Please Donate Will Die" for a cat that was already rescued.
    No statement and no refund offers on those either.
    Never post the name of the vet office they use, hundreds of cats pulled out of Floyd and donated for and a rare few freedom photos, mostly just never seem to respond to any requests for more information or if it is via Facebook, they delete the question.
    Most of those cats are never heard from or seen again.

    These people that continually support and donate to this kinda thing while turning a blind eye are abusing animals, no other way to put it.