Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sanctuary or Trailer..... You Decide

So many rescues. So hard to find just the right one for that animal. So many with their hands out for your cash. How do you know if that rescue you are sending that animal to is a good rescue?

Feaganes rescue in Lenoir, NC

Their previous rescue address in Casar was visited. The people there were replacing a bedrooms linoleum. When asked about the animals, the reply was:
" There were many " and that " the place stank ":

Feaganes rescue sent a PM via Facebook to multiple people in July. Asking that money be sent to their Paypal for renovations to their home so they could take in more animals:

At the time the request was sent, Feaganes were not registered with the state of North Carolina as a non-profit, yet in June they offered receipts for a tax deduction?

                                            Feaganes received their non-profit status July 22nd.


A friend was contacted about a dog named Bruce. He was pulled from a kill shelter in North Carolina and sent to Florida to be fostered. Things did not work out for Bruce there as the foster stated that Bruce was aggressive with her boyfriend. Bruce was then transported to Feaganes rescue in late August. He was supposedly aggressive and not neutered. Was this taken care of?

While Bruce was at Feaganes questions were asked on Feaganes Facebook page about his welfare. How he was doing, etc. Some of the questions were ignored. Some personal messages were sent but received no reply.

Bruce had heartworms. A source stated that his treatment had been paid for by someone who had paid an adoption fee to get him out of the shelter. Feaganes had a fundraiser for Bruce for heartworm treatment that had been paid for?

After which friends drove to Lenoir, which is near Hickory, to check on Bruce and to see the conditions of the rescue.

When they arrived, they found that Feaganes sanctuary was in a trailer park which consisted of many singlewide trailers close together. Not much of a yard to speak of. The trailer in question was near the back of the park, with a small pen in the back, which stank of pooh.

Knocking on the door a man came out, she introduced herself and asked  " is this Feaganes rescue "
He said " yes ".
He was asked if Bruce was there, " yes ".
He was asked if she could come inside to see the rescue and Bruce, " no ".
He was asked if Bruce could be brought outside, to which he answered " no ".
He asked her who she was, the answer was simple enough. " I am an individual, concerned about the welfare of Bruce "

This is a red flag in my opinion. If you go to a rescue and they refuse you entrance, refuse to let you see a certain animal, there is definitely a problem.

What made matters worse was that after the visit, Mr. Feaganes messaged people, telling them that she claimed to be a private investigator, accused him of fighting Bruce and threatened to expose his rescue. These accusations were completely false. He obviously was not listening, as the name she gave to him was not Barbara,

One has to wonder why Mr. Feaganes reacted the way he did. Why he lied about what was asked. Why she was refused entrance to a rescue that wants to rehome their animals. A rescue/sanctuary should be proud of their place. They should want to reassure others that the animals sent there are in a safe haven.

He even went so far to threaten " Barbara " with charges if she did not PM him.  What kind of charges can be pressed from someone knocking on a door, asking about a rescue or a dog? " Barbara " did not PM him and is still awaiting a visit from the Lenoir police or Caldwell sheriff.

In my opinion, this rescue may have too many animals. They claim to have 4 dogs of their own, able to take in 5 to 7 more and have multiple cats.

Rex is a lab in Alabama with a fractured leg. It took over a week to arrange transport, raise funds to have him transported to Feaganes rescue by volunteers. Rex had full vetting sponsorship, yet was not vetted by sending party.

 This dog traveled over 500 miles with a fractured leg. The receiving rescue allowed this to happen.

There was no health certificate, a requirement for entry into the state of North Carolina. The rescue should of insisted that Rex be seen by a vet prior to transport.

Feaganes also had a fundraiser for Rex, even though a lady in New York had offered full sponsorship for his vetting. Note on the fundraiser, it states vetting.

Days after arriving at rescue in North Carolina, Rex broke with parvo. Another fundraiser

Had rescue protocol been followed:
10 day quarantine
Rex might of shown symptoms of parvo before leaving Alabama, as Feaganes thread was started June 24th  Rex did not leave Alabama until July 3rd.

This dog infected how many cars on his travels to North Carolina?

Nevermind the painful leg. It is my opinion that the rescue did not act responsibly in the planning of transporting of an unvetted, traumatized dog.

The sending party could have vetted Rex in June as he had a sponsor.

Someone named Cheryl asked Feaganes about a specific cat. To which someone answered:
" Which one? "
" I have so many "
The landlord was called to ask about the quantity of animals that are allowed in each home. Unfortunately, there is no limit. Dogs are not allowed to run loose outside at any time. A small pen hardly has room for dogs to run to release pent up energy.

Remember, this rescue wanted to renovate to take in 20 to 40 dogs and/or cats depending on the size.
Inquiring minds would like to know how they would manage to keep so many animals comfortable in a singlewide trailer.

Is this a crate and cage rescue?

 Rexs thread:

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  1. All the lies you wrote without any remorse. You should be ashamed of yourself. Show me pictures of our pen that you claim we have. You cant cause there never was one. We are also not in hickory get your facts straight. Get your info together before you go spouting off at that hole in your face. None of what you said is remotely true with the exception of rex getting parvo. And to suit you he was from a home that abused him and everyone else tried their hardest to get him here. All transport was arranged by the person who saved him. All i did was receive him. You gave no proof of anything. Whoever came was not allowed in cause of the way they acted and showed no id came in a vehicle with no plate on it. So yes we refused entry. The person who started this sent you a few text messages from original adopters not foster like you stated he was in before us. She did not authorize those messages to go anywhere. What you have done is made your stupid little site with only a handful of watchers look more discrediting.

  2. Thought you said you got her plate # on her car, at least that is what you said.. Sounds a little fishy to me. I am going to have to start looking into your rescue and have my state inspectors check you out. Will also contact the 501c3 to find out more about your operation.

  3. To whomever created this page. I believe you need to have written consent to use screenshots of people's user names, and graphics used. I hold a license to use the artwork on my profile image and did not give any consent for you to use that image, nor use my name on this page. If you would like to keep my comments, that is fine, but you should black out all user names and profile images. (Especially my licensed graphic)

    PS your disclaimer is moot- better contact an attorney regarding free speech and theft of intellectual property.


      I am not going to weigh in on what is being said about the rescue but I will weigh in about the legality of some of the things you have posted. You have opened yourself up to legal action. Read the link I have provided and then removed the content that violates it. The people you have named, and illegally used their image, are being notified as I type this.