Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ashley Nicole Miller- Takes Plea Agreement for Animal Cruelty

Ashley Nicole Miller

San Diego, California
Founder of the rescue
Pitties and Kitties, Inc

Below you'll find an outline of the abuses that have occurred at the hands of Ashley Nicole.  You will also find the police report relating to her most recent arrest that led to her admitting animal cruelty by signing a plea agreement (which will be added later).  

You will read in the police report about the home neutering of THREE of her dogs, using a rubber band. 

Also shown is a photo of one of her dogs that she treated for a broken leg by taping up the leg with duct tape and putting a make shift e-collar made of tape around his head.  

I have also included the surveillance video that captured Ashley hitting and kicking her dog in the face during one of her "training" sessions.  

Ashley Nicole has been arrested TWICE for ANIMAL CRUELTY.  


This is Scooby-  Home treatment for a broken leg.  Subsequently, this is also one of the dogs that was "home neutered" using rubber bands. 

I want to bring to your attention a puppy that has not received any justice for his untimely and brutal death.  This puppy was in the care of Ashley Nicole for "training" when he died.  As you can see from the necropsy report, this puppy died from BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA... not parvo- as Ashley would have you believe.  (there is no photo of this puppy)

Here is a video of Ashley's "training" method.  Notice that she kicks and hits Sampson in the face several times. 

Here is the police report we finally received from the Killeen Police Department which was released due to finalization of court proceedings that ended in a plea agreement being signed by Ashley Nicole.   Anyone wanting a copy of the police report, just message us on our Facebook page  The GBU